Hi 👋🏽 I'm Rohit Jacob Mathew

A Senior Software Engineer from India

I am currently working on scaling and building a reliable product for agents to sell insurance at Turtlemint. I am also an Auth0 Ambassador and a former SDE Intern at HackerRank.

While my interests currently lie in the development of scalable solutions, DevOps, Developer Relations/Dev Evangelism as well as smart AI based system, I'm excited by almost anything in tech.

2018 - Current
Auth0 Ambassador
2020 - Current

Slack Notifier For Vaccine in India
Slack Notifier for India's 18+ Vaccine Appointment
readme.so is a markdown editor with ready made templates to easily create a simple README for your repositories.
Templater Bot
A Probot application to enforce PR or Issue Templates.
Personal Website
A minimalist portfolio website built using Gatsby.

SRM University
If I'm not coding, I am generally:
- Staying up to date with the latest technological developments
- Binging Spotify playlists to find new unheard of artists
- Going for Gigs and Music Festivals
- Playing/Watching Football
- Attempting to not be an out of Practice Musician

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